Victoria University offers career mentoring programs with various industry partners:

  • 澳洲国民银行(NAB)

  • IBM

  • 联邦银行

  • 新确

  • cundall。

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We also offer a career-transition program where you can become involved as an 校友导师 从任何学科的学生。


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  • If you work for one of our industry partners mentioned on this page, you can contact the internal contact person within your company.
  • 如果你想成为一个 校友导师, helping students from related disciplines with their career transition, 在线注册您的兴趣.


Taking part in one of our industry career mentoring programs helps our students:

  • learn about common graduate career paths/job options for their discipline/course
  • discover what employers are looking for in new employees/graduates
  • 获得的工作/行业预期和文化知识
  • 在自己选择的学科发展专业网络
  • explore options for work experience, site visits and job shadowing.

这些辅导计划完全资助 -  有学生不收费.



Penultimate and final-year students are eligible for the mentoring program run in partnership with the businesses listed above.

  • 我们的学生在预编程诱导介绍。
  • 学生(学员)相匹配的导师(单对单)。
  • Three to six meetings are arranged between the mentor and mentee. Meetings are approximately 60 minutes each and occur over 6-12 weeks.
  • Meetings are at a mutually agreed location and time – usually in the CBD.
  • Ongoing support from VU's Student Career Development is available for all participants.
  • 提供全面的方案说明书。


Students from any discipline in their final semester are eligible for mentorship through VU's 校友导师计划。

  • 学生(学员)相匹配的导师(单对单)。
  • We ask that you spend at least one hour per month with your mentee.
  • 会议可能是脸对脸或在线。
  • 你也可以提供工作见习。
  • Ongoing support is offered to you through our 职业生涯 team.
  • 师友毕业后持续6个月。
  • 您必须能够在墨尔本举行。

Mentor program success & awards

Since 2011, when mentoring with industry partners was implemented at VU, more than:

  • 300 industry mentors have volunteered in our mentoring programs
  • 600级似曾相识的学生已经指导。

We’ve received several awards to recognise these positive outcomes:

  • 2013 Excellence in International 教育 – finalist – Student Employability & 职业生涯 (Victoria Government)
  • 2013 副总理's Citation for Excellence in Learning & Teaching Programs that Enhance learning (VU)
  • 2012 Victorian Training, 教育 & Development Award (行业 Association)
  • 2011 Pro-Vice Chancellor's Award for Best Individual Initiative (VU)

These awards acknowledge the overwhelming positive feedback from program participants including:

  • 改善福利的行业导师之间感
  • 显著增强学生的就业能力。


If you’d like more information about our mentoring programs, please contact one of the following people.

To become a mentor through one of the partners listed above, or to register your company's interest in the mentoring program, contact:

职业协调员 - 项目。
电话: +61 3 9919 4830
电子邮件: [电子邮件保护]

If you are an alumnus interested in being a job-transition mentor to a student in a related discipline, contact:

电话: +61 3 9919 8745
电子邮件: [电子邮件保护]